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Elevation Data

The data on this page are elevation files in GeoTIFF format, and are compatible with AERMAP version 09040 or newer. All files are 1 arc-second resolution. The data were obtained from the USGS National Map.

Map depicting the state of Iowa and the areas covered by each data file available for download from this page. Refer to the table below for latitude and longitude coverage descriptions for the areas depicted in this image.


File Name Latitudinal Coverage Longitudinal Coverage Date
Sioux Falls E 43°N-44°N 96°W-97°W 12/7/2022
Fairmont W 43°N-44°N 95°W-96°W 12/18/2022
Fairmont E 43°N-44°N 94°W-95°W 12/18/2022
Mason City W 43°N-44°N 93°W-94°W 12/18/2022
Mason City E 43°N-44°N 92°W-93°W 12/18/2022
La Crosse W 43°N-44°N 91°W-92°W 11/4/2022
La Crosse E 43°N-44°N 90°W-91°W 11/16/2021
Sioux City E 42°N-43°N 96°W-97°W 12/7/2022
Fort Dodge W 42°N-43°N 95°W-96°W 12/18/2022
Fort Dodge E 42°N-43°N 94°W-95°W 12/18/2022
Waterloo W 42°N-43°N 93°W-94°W 12/18/2022
Waterloo E 42°N-43°N 92°W-93°W 12/18/2022
Dubuque W 42°N-43°N 91°W-92°W 11/4/2022
Dubuque E 42°N-43°N 90°W-91°W 11/4/2022
Fremont E 41°N-42°N 96°W-97°W 12/7/2022
Omaha W 41°N-42°N 95°W-96°W 12/18/2022
Omaha E 41°N-42°N 94°W-95°W 12/18/2022
Des Moines W 41°N-42°N 93°W-94°W 12/18/2022
Des Moines E 41°N-42°N 92°W-93°W 12/18/2022
Davenport W 41°N-42°N 91°W-92°W 11/4/2022
Davenport E 41°N-42°N 90°W-91°W 11/4/2022
Lincoln E 40°N-41°N 96°W-97°W 2/23/2021
Nebraska City W 40°N-41°N 95°W-96°W 12/7/2022
Nebraska City E 40°N-41°N 94°W-95°W 1/17/2023
Centerville W 40°N-41°N 93°W-94°W 1/17/2023
Centerville E 40°N-41°N 92°W-93°W 1/17/2023
Burlington W 40°N-41°N 91°W-92°W 11/4/2022
Burlington E 40°N-41°N 90°W-91°W 11/4/2022