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Water Quality Rulemaking

General Information - Executive Order 10

Executive Order 10 (EO10) signed by the Governor on January 10, 2023, requires all state agencies to identify which administrative rule chapters will be retained or rescinded. The EO10 process for both the review of existing rule chapters and the reauthorization of rule chapters that will be retained includes public engagement with the opportunity for meaningful input throughout the process. Opportunities for public input and information for public review during the Water Quality Bureau's implementation of EO10 will be posted on this webpage as they become available.

EO10 - Governor's Office

EO10 - Water Quality Bureau (WQB)

WQB Rulemaking Schedule and News

WQB staff continue to review current water quality rules and develop proposed changes to implement EO10. Please stay tuned for upcoming stakeholder input opportunities and availability of materials for review.

WQB Rulemaking Schedule


Meeting invitations and materials will be posted on this webpage and announced through the Water Quality Bureau electronic newsletters. Please use the links below to sign up for one or more of the newsletters.

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Current and Proposed WQB Rules Grouped by Topic

The WQB currently manages 31 rule chapters, all of which are in 567 (Environmental Protection Commission) of the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC). For ease of review, the Bureau’s chapters have been placed into nine groups by topic. Each group and its corresponding chapters are listed below. To view the current and proposed rule documents, EO10 materials, and staff contacts for each group, please use the links below.

Group 1 - Chapter 9, Delegation of Construction Permitting Authority

Short Summary: Group 1 contains Chapter 9, which is the department’s delegation of construction permitting authority to Local Systems. The intended benefit of the rule was to provide a framework for the water supply and wastewater extension delegated authority program in Iowa Code 455B.183. However, in practice, the rule effectively mirrored the Code. Since there is no reason to have that language in two places, we are proposing to rescind this chapter.

Proposed Timeline: We anticipate hosting a public hearing and accepting comments regarding Chapter 9 in September. Comments will be reviewed in October and November, and a Notice of Intended Action to rescind Chapter 9 will be presented to the Environmental Protection Commission in December of 2023.

Groups 2 through 9 - Pending

The rule chapters in Groups 2 through 9, which include Chapters 38 through 93, are currently under review by WQB staff. Please see the WQB Rulemaking Schedule linked above for information on when proposed documents regarding Groups 2 through 9 will be posted on this website.