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Osprey Nest Camera

The Wells Fargo Osprey Nest Camera has been turned off for 2020.

One of the mates in this pair of birds did not return from migration in 2019, and the remaining bird was not seen to find and bond with a new mate last year.  As such, we were very excited to see that remaining bird return to the nest in 2020 AND attract a new mate!  

The pair worked diligently to spruce up the nest, adding sticks and other materials, and they were even caught mating on camera at least once.  However, no eggs have been produced and it is now too late in the year to expect them to nest successfully.

This is not unusual for a “new” pair, especially if the new mate is young, that they don’t quite get their act together to do the hard work of raising a family in this first year.  Hopefully, both birds will return next year and get it right.  They have been seen hanging out on the nest from time to time but since no nesting will occur, we are closing down the camera for this year.  

Thanks for watching and we hope you will tune in again next year!