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Fish Habitat Program

Funding assistance is available to County Conservation Boards for land acquisition and development of fish habitat. Up to 90 percent of costs may be reimbursed under this program. Land must be under the direct control of the county to be eligible for assistance. This program is unique in that the applications are sent to the County Conservation Board Districts for review and selection of projects.

Available funds are divided equally between the six county districts. Approximately $70,000 will be available this grant cycle.

Eligible development activates include:

  • Physical placement of fish habitats in ponds, lakes, pits and streams
  • Armoring of pond, lake pit and stream shores.
  • Construction of aeration systems
  • Dredging of ponds or lakes
  • Construction of sediment retaining basins
  • Repair of lake dams and outlets
  • Manipulation of fish populations and aquatic vegetation
  • Removal of dams
  • Construction of fish ladders
  • Construction of fish barriers
  • Construction of rock-faced jetties

Acquisition projects are eligible when the land is used for fish habitat development purposes. Project activities eligible for funding include:

  • Land acquisition for pond and lake construction
  • Land acquisition for fishable streams, ponds and lakes
  • Land acquisition for watershed protection

Applications are due on the last working day in November of each year. The applicant should submit seven copies of the grant application to the review and selection committee chairperson within the appropriate County Conservation Board District. The committee will review the applications in January and then forward the results to the DNR.

Fish Habitat Program Grant Application
Fish Habitat Program Grant Application

For more information or to have an application mailed to you please contact Randy Schultz at 515-725-8447 or by e-mail at