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Iowa Wingshooting Education Program

This program has been developed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and is based on the research of CONSEP (Cooperative North American Shotgunning Education Program). CONSEP was started in 1982 to get statistically derived data to assist hunters in choosing an effective non-toxic shot shotgun load while hunting. Iowa was one of the original member states and continues to support the efforts of CONSEP.

The program is designed to educate our hunters, 16 years and older, on how to become more effective wing shooters by providing our wing shooters with the necessary information to become better shots so they can decrease wounding loss while hunting waterfowl and upland birds. The workshops will also make wing shooters aware of their hunting behaviors that they will need to improve on to insure the future of our sport. Finally, the program will discuss and lay to rest any of the myths that wing shooters have about non-toxic shot and then wing shooters will be given instruction on shooting non-toxic shot and have the opportunity to practice what they were taught.

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