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UST Compliance Inspections

Inspection Program Requires Biennial Compliance Inspections

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) third party compliance inspection program began in 2007.  New rules require underground storage tank (UST) owners and operators to hire an Iowa certified compliance inspector to inspect their UST systems for compliance with state regulations. Third party compliance inspections must be completed every two years - specifically, each inspection must be conducted within 24 months, but no sooner than six months of the last inspection. 

Example: If a site is inspected in April 2009 and passes inspection, the next compliance  inspection would be after October 2009, but before May 2011.

The owner/operator is responsible for contracting with an Iowa licensed compliance inspector to complete an inspection. A list of licensed inspectors is provided on the Iowa Licensed UST Professionals webpage.  Upon completion of the inspection, a compliance report will be provided to the owner/operator.  This report may be left at the site or mailed. The DNR will audit a percentage of the inspections conducted by compliance inspectors. 

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