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1 - How Do I Become Licensed?

The Iowa DNR licenses Underground Storage Tanks Installers, Installation Inspectors, Compliance Inspectors, Testers, Cathodic Protection Testers, Liners, and Removers. To pursue initial Iowa UST professional licensure, please fill out a licensing application and submit to the department with all requested supporting documentation. There is one individual application for all 7 types of UST Professional Licenses, and a separate company application. Licensing fees are $200 per individual and per company, and are renewed on a biannual basis. Please view our UST Professional Licensing Requirements Spreadsheet for minimum experience and supporting documentation requirements before applying. Individual UST professionals must be licensed under an Iowa licensed UST Professional company, or be licensed as sole proprietor and provide their own liability insurance. 

Upon staff review of the application, the applicant will be contacted with either a request for more information, guidance on course and exam requirements, or approval, depending on the material submitted in the application. Contact for information on licensure courses and exams. Staff make licensure decisions according to requirements laid out in Iowa Administrative Code, shown in our UST Professional Licensing Requirements Spreadsheet.  

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to

2 - Renewal

UST and GWP professional license renewals operate on a biannual basis, with UST professional license renewals being due in even numbered years and Groundwater professionals due in odd numbered years.

UST professional licenses are up for renewal at the end of 2024. Renewal applications for both company and individual licenses are due by December 1, 2024 with a non-refundable $200 fee each. Renewal applications postmarked after December 1 and before December 31 will be accepted with an additional non-refundable $50 late fee per application. No renewal applications postmarked after January 1, 2025 will be accepted. For a list of what is all required in the renewal application, please view our UST professional licensing requirements.

For DNR approved continuing education opportunities, please view our List of Approved Courses for UST Professionals CEUs

There are 2 options for submitting a renewal application:

Invoices for payment will be sent out to the email address on the application with instructions on how to make the payment. Payments can be made via check, debit card and credit card.

Contact with questions.

3 - Reciprocity

If you are UST certified or licensed in another state or with a federal regulatory program, you may be eligible for UST professional licensure in Iowa without having to take a course of instruction or pass an examination, pursuant to Iowa Administrative Code 134.19(6)c. The Iowa UST Section may approve certain state or federal regulatory programs for reciprocity. To find out if your license or certification is approved for reciprocity, please reach out to

If approved for reciprocity, you will need to submit an initial licensing application with additional required supporting documentation, pay a $200 licensing fee, and also be licensed under an Iowa UST Professional Licensed company. Once licensed in Iowa, all professionals are required to comply with Iowa UST regulations and license renewal requirements. 

5 - Applications

UST Licensing and Certification Program

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Licensing and Certification Programs can be found in Chapter 567--134.18(455B) of the Iowa Administrative Code (see below). These rules require UST professionals to be licensed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and ensures compliance with the technical requirements for UST systems.

UST-licensed professionals include installers, installation inspectors, compliance inspectors, cathodic protection inspectors, removers, testers (product lines, tanks and vapor recovery systems) and liners. Individuals who work with cathodic protection systems must be certified by NACE or STI and maintain that certification as well as maintain licensing requirements with the DNR. UST Professionals must be certified by the DNR’s UST Section in order to install new underground storage tank systems or to install technical upgrade existing regulated UST systems in Iowa.

Course Information

November 14, 2024 UST Refresher Course

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