LUST Site Assessment

The documents linked to this page all relate to the assessment of sites where leaking underground storage tanks (LUST) are or have been located. The process of assessment uses risk-based corrective action (RBCA). The objective of RBCA is to evaluate the risks posed by contamination to human health, safety and the environment using a progressively more site-specific, three-tiered approach. All proposed corrective actions must be submitted and supervised by a certified groundwater professional.

If necessary, you can receive copies of these documents by contacting Bonnie Garrison at 515-725-8310 or

Tier 1 Assessment

Tier 2 Assessment The web-based application will be used for new and revised Tier 2 Site Cleanup Reports, and Site Monitoring Reports.  This does not apply to non-granular bedrock and granular bedrock sites. Please review the FAQ document posted on the DNR UST web page prior to using the application for RBCA purposes.

Tier 2 Bedrock

Tier 3 Assessment

BR Slug Software

Corrective Action Design Report (CADR) Guidance

For updates and guidance, see also the Groundwater Professional Bulletin Board.