Nonresident Vehicle Entrance Permit

Since August 15, 2019, a vehicle entrance permit is required on out of state vehicles at Lake Manawa and Waubonsie state parks. There are some exemptions to the permit requirement. See list below.

Annual Permit

  • A $40 annual permit provides unlimited visits to both parks for one year from the month of purchase. A second vehicle annual permit is also available for $15 and is only available for purchase at both park offices.
  • Annual and secondary permits are available at both park offices and can be paid for by cash or check only.
  • As of September 18, 2019 customers are able to purchase the annual $40 permit through the state park reservation system at A $4 convenience fee applies for each permit purchased online.
  • Annual permits must be adhered to the inside windshield of the vehicle in the lower-left corner on the driver’s side by its own adhesive.

Daily Permit

  • A $5 daily permit is available at self-registration kiosks located through both parks and at park offices when open. Daily vehicle permits are valid for the date of issue.
  • Daily permits must be displayed on the dash of the vehicle on the driver’s side where it can be seen.


  • Motorcycles are included in the entrance permit requirement. Drivers may keep the permit on themselves and produce the permit when requested.

Self-Registration Kiosk Locations

Lake Manawa State Park (5 locations)

  • West shore entrance (parking lot) – 4526 W Shore Drive
  • North shore entrance (parking lot) – 4526 N Shore Drive
  • East entrance (first parking lot) – S Shore Drive
  • Lake Manawa sailing concession entrance– 812 Comanche Street
  • Parking lot off of Park Office Drive (close to park office)

Waubonsie State Park (3 locations)

  • Equestrian Campground – 2589 State Highway 2
  • Park office parking lot – 2585 Waubonsie Park Road
  • Parking lot south of day-use lodge off of Wa-Shaw-Tee Road

Permit Exemptions

The following exemptions apply:

Lake Manawa State Park

  • Nonresident vehicles entering the park in order to go to Westlake Village, Lakewood Villa or Pelican Cove housing developments only.
  • Nonresidents who pay to use the beach only. Use of other areas in the park may require the entrance permit.
  • Nonresidents who rent a shelter or are guests of someone who rented a shelter. The exemption only applies to the event at the rented shelter. Use of other areas in the park may require the entrance permit.

Waubonsie State Park

  • Nonresidents who rent the shelter or day-use lodge or who are guests of someone who hs rented the shelter or day-use lodge. The exemption applies only to the event at the rented facility. Use of other areas in the park may require the entrance permit.
  • Nonresidents who are registered campers or cabin renters. Nonresident visitors to the campground or rented cabins must have an entrance permit.

Government Business Exemptions

  • Entrance permits are waived for out of state vehicles driven by persons on official government business with the Iowa DNR and for vehicles furnishing services or supplies to the Iowa DNR or its concessionaires.

Vehicle Entrance Permit Decal, red

Common Questions

Are discounts available?
No. There are no discounts for nonresident military/veterans, senior citizens, or nonresident vehicles displaying disability tags.

Do I have to have a permit in hand before going to the park?
No. You may purchase the daily permit at self-registration kiosks located in each park. Annual permits may be purchased at the park office during posted hours.

If I am a nonresident and I bicycle into the park, do I need to pay the entrance fee for a permit?
No. The entrance fee is assessed only to out of state vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and mopeds.

What if you have Iowa residents and nonresidents in a vehicle?
The permit applies to the vehicle entering the park. If it is an out of state vehicle, the fee applies. If the vehicle has Iowa license plates, the fee does not apply.

Do I need to have a permit to use the Dream Playground at Lake Manawa State Park?

Do I need to have a permit to use the Missouri River boat ramp?
Yes. The boat ramp is part of Lake Manawa State Park.

Do I have to have an entrance permit to Drive West/South Shore Drive at Lake Manawa in order to get from one side of the lake to private property located on the other side of the lake?
If a nonresident enters the park on and uses West/South Shore Drive as a through-road only to get to private property located on the other side of the lake, a permit is not required. However, if the nonresident turns onto other park roads within the park, including parking lots, or parks alongside of West/South Shore Drive within the boundaries of the park, the permit requirement applies.

Is a permit replaceable?
No. DNR does not issue duplicate or replacement non-resident permits. A new permit will need to be purchased.