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Register Now: Environmental Management System (EMS) Interactive Virtual Implementation Webinar Series

  • 12/8/2020 7:42:00 PM
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Since 2014, Pollution Prevention Services has hosted various EMS In Depth workshops for Iowa environmental professionals that offers expert support in the development and continuous improvement of your EMS. This year, due to COVID -19, we are conducting a webinar series that in four 4-hour segments will walk you through the steps to implementing an EMS for your facility.

This interactive webinar series, “How to Implement An EMS” will help you implement an EMS. During the webinar the presenters will discuss issues faced by many organizations that are implementing an EMS as well as the associated best practices for addressing them. The facilitators will share real-world examples and engage the audience to share experiences both on the challenges and solutions. The focus will be on the various elements of EMS (ISO 14001:2015), such as environmental policy, compliance, training and management review. Exercises will be facilitated to reinforce the content and allow for audience participation and discovery.

Leading the workshop will be Christine Mayo and Tara Vollenweider McCullen of Burns & McDonnell. Both of our presenters have conducted a successful previous workshop we’ve hosted in our EMS In Depth series and have extensive experience developing, implementing, and maintaining ISO 14001 systems and other EMS for numerous organizations.

An agenda and flyer for the interactive webinar can be found at the P2 Services Workshops page.

This webinar series will be December 15, 16, 17, & 18, 2020; 8:00 am - 12:00 pm each day. Webinar registration is $50 / attendee. All attendees must register to attend. Please complete and submit the webinar registration form to complete the registration process.