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Duck season begins Oct. 1 in Iowa’s north zone

Duck season begins Oct. 1 in Iowa’s north zone

  • 9/30/2022 2:31:00 PM
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Waterfowlers have waited all year for this: for the next three weekends in Iowa, there will be an opening day for duck and goose hunting. The north zone opens on Oct. 1, the central zone opens on Oct. 8 and the south zone opens on Oct. 15. Each zone is open seven days, then close for seven days, before re-opening.
Red Rock’s wild side

Red Rock’s wild side

  • 7/3/2017 11:23:00 AM
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The evidence was easy to see that hunters had found the recently mowed 10-acre sunflower field at the Red Rock Wildlife Area on the first day of dove season – 25-30 vehicles were parked along the road whose drivers had abandoned their bucket seats for real buckets set few rows deep in the remaining sunflowers waiting for the nation’s most popular game bird to come rocketing through.
Dove Hunting in Iowa Opens September 1

Dove Hunting in Iowa Opens September 1

  • 8/22/2016 1:18:00 PM
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Iowa's sunflower fields will be a little busier this fall as hunters take part in the dove hunting season starting Sept. 1. Dove hunting is a great way to introduce young or new hunters to the sport since weather is nice and hunting requires only simple equipment.