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Osprey Nesting Underway

  • 4/12/2016 7:39:00 AM
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Iowa’s osprey population is inching higher with 22 known nesting attempts in 2015, including three new sites: near Colfax, Independence and the Wells Fargo West Des Moines Campus in West Des Moines.

Ospreys return to Iowa in early April and their courtship and nest building are underway. The Iowa DNR would like to be contacted regarding any new nest sites by calling Pat Schlarbaum, wildlife diversity technician, Iowa DNR, at 515-432-2823 ext 104 or 515-460-1815. Iowa’s first successful nesting was in 2003.

The West Des Moines site is at Wells Fargo West Des Moines Campus where a nest cam is installed for viewing at This pair has been mating, carrying sticks and grass to their nest. The female has marked speckling on her throat. 

A nest cam has been installed on nest platform in Spirit Lake by the Dickinson County Conservation Board and they are working to get it online. For now there’s some exclusive coverage from last year. Check out their website at