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Air Quality permits under review, published 3/09/2023

  • 3/9/2023 12:50:00 PM
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The DNR Air Quality Bureau has the following draft permits up for review. The permits help protect Iowans’ health and air quality. DNR’s permitting staff review each permit application to ensure facilities comply with state and federal air quality requirements. We encourage public comments on draft permits, providing help on how to make effective comments. Submit written comments to the assigned permit writer before 4:30 p.m. on the last day of the comment period. DNR considers public comments before finalizing the permits.

Construction Permits

DNR engineers review and issue construction permits to facilities before they build new or modify existing sources of air pollution. The public may review the following air quality construction permits available online at OR through the EASY Air Public Inquiry Portal and then click the Public Notice tab.

Lee County 
Iowa Fertilizer Company – 3550 180th St., Wever.
Project No. 22-012, modification of storage tanks and emergency engines permits to correct the listed capacities, stack characteristics, and control devices to as-built conditions. This project also corrects the potential emissions for these units and updates the Best Available Control Technology requirements. The public comment period ends April 8. 

Marion County
Pella West Substation – 1875 Washington St., Pella.
Project No. 23-003. Pella West Substation operates an electric utility facility. This project is to replace the generator set for the existing Diesel Fuel Fired Generator Engine #7. The public comment period ends April 8.