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Ongoing wastewater discharge near Birdland Park in Des Moines

  • 3/22/2022 2:52:00 PM
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DES MOINES - An ongoing wastewater discharge to the Des Moines River is occurring near Birdland Park Marina following a large break in a wastewater force main.

The city of Des Moines Public Works Department shut down the pumping station so the force main can be fixed. A contractor will excavate the area around the break to determine needed repairs. Once that’s accomplished, public works will be able to estimate when repairs can be completed.

Storm water flows are diluting the untreated wastewater, but the combined wastewater and storm water discharge is about 3,500 gallons per minute downstream of the marina.

DNR will inspect the site this afternoon. Anglers should be aware of potential contamination and take care to wash their hands and any fish they catch.  

The discharge is downstream of the drinking water intake in Prospect Park. Water going into the Des Moines Water Works treatment plant will not be affected by the discharge.