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Updated Guidance for Prepared Feed Manufacturing Facilities and Grain Elevators

  • 1/28/2021 10:52:00 AM
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The Iowa DNR has updated and added guidance documents for Prepared Feed Manufacturing Facilities (feed mills) and Grain Elevators. These documents provide guidance on permitting, compliance, and applicable federal rules. The documents can be found on the Air Quality Bureau’s Construction Permit website,, under Construction Permitting Materials, and include:

  • New permitting and compliance FAQ documents for feed mills and grain elevators.
  • Updated permitting guidance documents for feed mills, which include:
  • Permitting Guidance for Facilities using the Small Unit Exemption (SUE)
  • Permitting Guidance for Facilities not using the Small Unit Exemption (SUE)
  • Emissions Calculator for Prepared Feeds Facilities
  • A new permitting guidance document for feed mills not subject to National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) subpart 7D.
  • An updated guidance document for NESHAP subpart A link to an EPA Q&A document for the NESHAP was also added to the website.
  • Links to existing general permitting guidance that may be pertinent to feed mills.
  • Inspection guide for feed mills.

The information for Prepared Feed Manufacturing Facilities can be found here.

The information for Grain Elevators can be found here.

For additional assistance, contact Michael Hermsen, (515-725-9577), John Curtin, (515-725-9522) or the Permit Help Line (1-877-AIR- IOWA).