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DNR Derelict Building Grant Program awards funding to 12 rural Iowa communities

  • 5/28/2020 12:20:00 PM
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DES MOINES – Twelve small, rural Iowa communities have received grants from the DNR’s Derelict Building Grant Program to help deconstruct or renovate abandoned structures, remove asbestos and limit construction and demolition materials going to the landfill.

The DNR Derelict Building Grant Program was instituted by statute to help rural communities with populations of 5,000 or smaller remove environmental hazards, improve community appearance and minimize costs by recycling and reusing building materials through deconstruction or renovation of abandoned, derelict buildings.

Grant funding is awarded annually on a competitive basis with cash matches required. Applications for the next funding round will be due on Feb. 19, 2021.

The following projects will receive a combined total of up to $403,071.50 as reimbursement grants:

City of Cambridge — $13,477.50 for renovation of an opera house to add housing units and commercial space.

City of Clarion - $63,923 for deconstruction. Following deconstruction activities, the city will create a downtown pocket park using bricks from the former building. The park will be used for informal gathering and for outdoor movies, music events and other arts entertainment.

City of Dedham - $58,786 to abate asbestos and deconstruct an old grocery store. The city plans to develop a green space and pocket park as a central location where people may gather near downtown businesses.

City of Essex - $15,558 to inspect and abate asbestos and complete a phase 1 environmental site assessment and structural engineering analysis for an old church.

City of Humboldt - $14,300 for asbestos abatement on the former post office. The site will be used for commercial sales expansion.

City of Lake City - $5,000 for asbestos abatement of an old automobile dealership.

City of Mallard - $18,115 for asbestos abatement and deconstruction of a grocery store. New site will be used as an accessible parking lot, improving access to downtown businesses for all residents.

City of Manson - $34,975 for asbestos abatement and renovations of an old retail clothing store. Renovated structure will be used for commercial space.

City of Mediapolis - $63,750 for deconstruction of old grain elevator. Site will be cleaned, backfilled and readied to market for commercial or light manufacturing use.

City of Monticello - $60,000 asbestos abatement and renovation. Future plans include either maintaining ownership to turn into an extension of the Dubuque Innovation Lab with residential rentals on the second floor or offering the building for sale with commercial/office space on the main floor and residential rentals on the second floor.

City of Oxford Junction - $30,000 for renovation of an old masonry building. The city plans to offer the structure for sale with commercial space on the main level and residential rentals on the second floor.

City of Rockwell City - $25,187 for renovation of a 1920 building. The city will offer the property for retail/commercial use on the main floor and residential rentals on the second floor. 

For more information about the grant program, application forms and resources, visit: