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DNR investigates manure spill in Mitchell County

  • 4/24/2020 3:47:00 PM
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STACYVILLE - The DNR is checking a fish kill after the report of a manure spill Thursday evening about three miles southeast of Stacyville in Mitchell County.

About 8 p.m. Thursday, Primrose Sow Site notified DNR that about 2,000 gallons of manure spilled after a hose split during land application. Manure flowed downhill into a nearby creek, a tributary of the Little Cedar River.

Local residents reported seeing stressed or dying fish in the creek.

The sow facility and land application crews dammed the creek Thursday night to pump and land apply the manure and creek water.  

DNR staff confirmed a fish kill in the short stretch of creek above the dam, but found ammonia levels had dropped to normal by Friday afternoon.  With no evidence that contaminants reached the Little Cedar River, DNR is allowing the dam to be removed.

Fisheries staff are onsite conducting a fish kill count, and the DNR will consider appropriate enforcement action.