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Celebrating Success with the eMMP

  • 5/30/2019 6:34:00 AM
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It’s been roughly a year since the online manure management plan or eMMP rolled out. Producers and consultants have embraced the new technology submitting nearly 60 percent of annual plans electronically.

As the number of users grows, project coordinator Ted Petersen credits working with livestock farmers and technical service providers during development as a key to its success. “The result is an online resource that is easy to use,” he says. “Customers have confidence in the application. And we will continue to seek their input to improve it.”

Producers can use the eMMP to submit annual short forms three years out of four. Online submittal lets farmers avoid a trip to county offices to obtain signatures and file copies of the plan. Another convenience is the ability to pay fees online. Those who use the eMMP app also receive emailed due-date reminders.

eMMP Application Use from April 2018 through April 2019

Method of Submittal

Number Submitted

Percent Submitted

eMMP Application



Mailed or Hand Delivered






To put the eMMP at your fingertips, find instructions, a link to the eMMP app, FAQs and a webinar on the DNR’s eMMP webpage or at If you have questions about using the eMMP or lost your PIN number, please call the local DNR field office.

The eMMP can’t be used yet for the long form and the updated soil test information. A hard copy must be submitted to DNR and the county once every four years.