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Cattle wastewater discharged in Pottawattamie County

  • 3/18/2019 8:34:00 AM
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CARSON – Iowa DNR field office staff have been working with an animal feeding operation to address high levels of water in two earthen manure storage basins located about 20 miles east of Council Bluffs.

On March 11, DNR staff observed effluent flowing over the top of one basin when visiting Russell Keast, owner of Cyclone Cattle, located at 36488 Beechnut Road, Carson. Keast confirmed he had stopped the discharge by March 12.

However, upon follow-up on March 15, DNR staff discovered both on-site basins overflowing with effluent, or diluted manure-laden water, flowing into two different unnamed streams. Iowa DNR is requiring Keast to stop both discharges. The investigation is ongoing.

No dead fish were observed. DNR staff collected water samples for analysis. The Iowa DNR will continue to monitor the situation and consider appropriate enforcement action. 

With heavy rainfall and flooding, DNR field offices are responding to multiple calls for technical assistance—from cities, industries, and animal feeding operations. Contact the local DNR field office  to discuss options for manure-related issues. After hours, call the 24-hr. emergency line at 515-725-8694.