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6 Creative Camping Desserts To Give S'mores A Run

  • 8/7/2015 10:09:00 AM
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Here’s a great list of fun and easy recipes for when your wild side has a sweet tooth and regular s’mores just aren’t cutting it anymore.

In an Ice Cream Cone This twist on s’mores can help you manage the mess or take one on the go. Throw all your normal s’more fixings in an ice cream cone, wrap in foil, and set in the campfire coals to bake for a few minutes. To add extra pizzazz, throw in some fruit and/or seasonings, like strawberries and cinnamon. Campfire cone recipe on Pinterest

Banana Boat Prevent cramping the tasty way. Cut a slit down the side of a banana, fill with chocolate and marshmallows, wrap in tinfoil and bake lightly. You can choose to remove the peel, but it helps add stability when filling up your tasty treat. Try variations on the same trick by filling the banana with caramel, or take the easy way out and toss in a candy bar.Banana boat recipe on Pinterest

Campfire banana boats, campfire cones, pie iron blueberry grilled sandwiches and more alternatives to mix up your s'mores routine | Iowa DNR

Roasted Starburst Three words: caramelized fruity goodness. All you have to do is pop the candy onto the end of a stick, roast and eat. Look for a little bit of bubbling and caramelization to know when the treat is done. Roasted Starburst recipe on Pinterest

Biscuit Burst This one is a buttery, flaky and versatile option. Take ready-to-bake biscuit dough and wrap it around your chosen fillings to make a little ball. Baste the biscuit lightly with butter, wrap in tinfoil and set it in the coals to bake. Baking time will vary based on contents and size, so check your biscuit burst regularly to avoid burning.

Blueberry Crème Sandwich For breakfast or dessert, you won’t believe you ate this well while camping. Take two pieces of toast (pan fry your bread and butter if you don’t have a toaster), or get fancy and make French toast. Spread each piece with plain or maple flavored cream cheese, and sandwich fresh blueberries in between. Let stand a minute or two before eating so the cream cheese can start to melt. Or try it in a pie iron for gooey goodness. Blueberry pie iron recipe on Pinterest

Campfire Orange Rolls Keep it simple with citrus. All you need are some fresh oranges (in the peel), a campfire and a container of ready-to-bake orange rolls. Cut an orange in half and hollow out each side (make some orange juice or eat the fruit). Place an orange roll inside the rind and wrap loosely in tinfoil. Place in campfire coals for approximately 10 minutes, checking to see when the dough is risen, gold and puffy. Drizzle icing over the finished rolls. Campfire roll recipe on Pinterest