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eMMP update - a better way to handle manure management plans

  • 10/20/2017 12:01:00 PM
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Work is proceeding on the new electronic Manure Management Plan (eMMP)  which will make it possible to submit short forms for manure management plans and pay fees online. The goal is to simplify filing an annual MMP for 7,000-plus producers, their consultants, and the 99 counties that receive the plans.

Software development continues and an internal (DNR) team is beginning to test the application. Look for online opportunities in spring of 2018. When completed, the online option could dramatically decrease the time needed, and the miles producers and consultants drive every year to deliver the plans to counties and DNR—by as much as 175,000 to 280,000 miles statewide.


See DNR’s eMMP AFO webpage to track progress and see what Team “Pitch Forks” envisions.