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Grant opportunity to help small Iowa communities with abandoned commercial properties

  • 8/24/2017 1:25:00 PM
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DES MOINES-- Funding is still available to Iowa communities with populations of 5,000 or smaller to inspect and properly remove asbestos from abandoned commercial buildings.

The funds, from the DNR’s Derelict Building Grant Program, allow eligible communities to investigate the amount of asbestos present in a building, determine the physical characteristics and stability of these structures by completing structural engineering assessments, and abate identified asbestos.

“If a building collapses and the presence of asbestos is unknown, it can increase the economic burden on the community,” said the DNR’s Scott Flagg. “In addition, a building’s appearance may not reveal the actual condition of the structure. Building assessments can assist communities determine how best to address an abandoned building.” 

The Derelict Building Grant Program provides small communities and rural counties financial assistance for abandoned commercial and public structures, which can improve the appearance of their streets, revitalize local economies and alleviate the environmental concerns these buildings can pose. Projects selected may apply for funding in 2018 for additional program-related tasks like building removal or building renovation.

For more information and to obtain an application on the Derelict Building Grant Program, contact Scott Flagg at 515-725-8318 or

$50,000 is available for assistance and applications will be accepted until funds are expended.