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Air Quality Fees on the October 8 Agenda for a Special Environmental Protection Commission Meeting

  • 10/7/2015 12:00:00 PM
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Commissioners will be asked to approve a rulemaking to establish application and notification fees at the October 8 Environmental Protection Commission meeting.

The meeting will be held by conference call only and will begin at 10:30a.m. The conference phone number is (866) 685-1580 and the conference code is 4510673319 followed by #. For agenda details, see:

The meeting is open to the public, with an opportunity for public comment. Requests to speak during the business meeting Public Participation must be submitted to Jerah Sheets at, 502 East 9th Des Moines, IA 50319, 515-313-8909, by 10:30 am, October 8, 2015. Please indicate who you will be representing (yourself, an association, etc.) and your stance of For, Opposed, or Neutral.

The authority to collect the proposed fees were approved by the legislature in May in response to a long-term decline in air pollutant emission fees as companies adopted more effective pollution controls.

The proposed rulemaking has a flat fee for asbestos notifications and for new source review applications from minor sources, including registration permits, permit by rule, and permit templates. The rulemaking proposes billable, hourly review fees for new source review applications for major sources and for applications for initial and renewal Title V operating permits.

The Title V emissions dollar per ton cap has been added to Chapter 30 and is proposed to increase to $70 per ton due July 1, 2016. Dollar caps on other fee types specified in Chapter 30 have also been added to the draft rules. Under the proposal, increases to any of the fee caps would only be made after adopting the change through a formal rulemaking.

Please contact Jim McGraw at or at 515-725-9543 for any questions.