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Small wastewater discharge ended in Lehigh

  • 12/29/2016 5:45:00 PM
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LEHIGH – Responding to a complaint received by DNR, city officials in Lehigh found a valve on the wastewater lagoon was open on Dec. 28.

A small discharge was flowing to a ditch, then into Crooked Creek which flows into the Des Moines River.

The city staff believe the wastewater lagoon has been discharging since Dec. 13, when the normal fall drawdown ended and the lagoon’s valves were closed.

Because liquid levels in the lagoon were very low, the volume of discharge was also low. The city and DNR do not expect any significant water quality problems from the discharge.

The city ended the discharge Dec. 28 and collected water quality samples. The city plans to replace the valve.

DNR will continue to monitor the situation and plans to issue a notice of violation to the city.