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2019-20 Hunting, Trapping and Migratory Game Bird Regulations

This is not a complete set of hunting, fishing and trapping laws but contains the information you are most likely to need to safely participate in these outdoor activities.

2020-21 Regulations, Hunting, Trapping and Migratory Game Bird, Full Book**
Season Dates, Upland Game Hunting Regulations, Migratory Game Bird Seasons & Limits, Deer Hunting Regulations, Fall Turkey Regulations, Spring Turkey Hunting Regulations, Nonresident Spring Turkey Hunting Information, Sunrise-Sunset Table

** Regulations Correction
The printed version of the 2019-20 Iowa Hunting, Trapping and Migratory Game Bird Regulations omitted the language from a new state law that allows hunters with a nonambulatory deer license to hunt during any open season until the license is filled, using the method of take allowed for that season. The error was discovered too late for the print edition. It has been corrected in the online copy (page 40).

Turkey Hunting in Iowa

By the early 1900's, unrestricted market hunting and drastic reductions in habitat had eliminated wild turkeys in Iowa. For many years, the thunderous gobbles of the wild turkey were absent from Iowa's woodlands and forests.

This silence was broken in 1966 when the Iowa Conservation Commission, now the Department of Natural Resources, initiated a program to return the wild turkey to Iowa. Wild turkeys were released at several sites across the state, with the first release occurring in Lee County, Iowa. Since these early days, turkey populations have expanded across the entire state of Iowa.

Coming to Iowa to hunt for turkey?
Nonresident spring turkey application period is Jan 1 to the last Sunday in January. The application will be available in December. Check availability of available licenses before going online to purchase. For zone map information and season dates be sure to download our Nonresident Turkey Application Guide

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Turn In Poachers Hotline is 800-532-2020If you witness or hear of poaching activity call the TIP HOTLINE (800) 532-2020 or visit our site and report it immediately.


Turkey Hunting in Iowa - FAQ
+ Nonresident - Application Period, Drawing Status
+ Nonresident - Leftover Limited Quota Licenses
+ Turkey Hunting - Season Dates
+ Turkey Hunting - Measuring spurs, etc (Scoring)
+ Turkey Hunting - Obtaining a permit
+ Turkey Hunting - Are decoy's legal?
+ Turkey Hunting - Weapon & shot size restrictions
+ Turkey Hunting - Can I call for someone else?
+ Turkey Hunting - Transportation tags
+ Turkey Hunting - Record book registrations
+ Wild Turkey - Range Information
+ Wild Turkey - Population Information
+ Wild Turkey - Production Survey

For more information regarding wild turkey information, hunting seasons and zones in your area, contact your local wildlife biologist, conservation officer or call the Iowa DNR call center at 515-725-8200.

Turkey Hunting, Season Dates

We work hard to keep our calendar current, but always refer to the hunting regulation booklet for official, legal season dates.