Field Services Emergency Response

Parkersburg Tornado 2008Field Services Emergency Response (ER) was originally formed to provide 24-hour technical assistance to local, state, and federal response agencies, regulated industries, and interested public. Since forming ER has undergone significant change from its original mission.  The unit no longer provides 24 hr technical support and has taken on more of a planning role within the department. These roles include;

  • Serving as the department's homeland security point of contact for planning,
  • Serving on a variety of state, regional, and federal disaster planning and regulatory groups,
  • Providing technical support to rule making committees in the department and other state and federal agencies,
  • Providing technical support to local government entities, public groups, and commercial and industrial parties,
  • Disaster planning and support, Sub-area Contingency Planning support, and State Hazard Mitigation planning for the department, and
  • Emergency Planning Community Right to know Act reporting activities and support and support to the State Emergency Response Commission and Local Emergency Planning Committees.

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