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Falcon Springs

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County: Winneshiek
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Amenities at Falcon Springs include:

    District-Wide Trout Stream Fishing Report

    Brook Trout - Good: Fish pool edges and heads using flies imitating prey drifting down. On sunny afternoons, fish the hatch.
    Streams are very clear. Starting to see bare ground but some spots still have 6-8 inches of snow. Gravel roads are messy and rutted. Iowa's trout season remains open all year. Many streams maintain excellent populations of Brown Trout and flow through wildlife management areas. Use care when parking along road if a parking area isn't plowed. Stocking season around the corner.
    Brown Trout - Good: Melt water inputs on warmer days will spur a bite. Use tackle imitating forage fish or midges fishing the edge of a weed bed or large rock.
    Rainbow Trout - Good: Get tackle in front of fish and imitate prey movements. Minnow, worm, midge, and caddis flies work well this time of year.

    Fishing Summary

    Falcon Springs has been stocked with both fingerling domestic Brook and Brown Trout and South Pine strain brookies and French Creek strain brownies. Neither have been stocked since 2008. Please be aware that segments of the stream are on private property where only angling is permitted. An artificial lure only rule and Brook Trout must be released immediately on this stream applies.(2021)

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