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Wiper (Hybrid Striped Bass)

Wiper (Hybrid Striped Bass)


Like most hybrids, this fish has features of both parents. It has the deep, flat body, small head and the distinct back arch of White Bass; yet it has the dark gray or blue-silvery body coloration and thick dark longitudinal body stripes of the Ocean Striped Bass. Although the hybrid closely looks like White Bass and Striped Bass, it differs slightly in several features. Two distinctive tooth patches are near the middle of the tongue. The first stripe below the lateral line is distinct and complete to the tail. Positive identification of Hybrid Striped Bass is easier when viewed alongside purebred parent fish. There are obvious external differences, but these are not so obvious when viewed alone. From observations in other localities, this fish seldom exceeds 10-pounds when fully grown.


Wiper (Hybrid Striped Bass) Distribution

Pool 14 of Mississippi River, Saylorville Reservoir and Des Moines River


Gizzard shad, silversides, sunfish, insects, and crustaceans

State Record

19 lbs 10 oz - Saylorville Reservoir, Polk County, August 29, 2005 - Youa Lovan, Des Moines, Iowa

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Hybrid Striped Bass were historically released at two locations in Iowa. The original stocking in 1981 into Saylorville Reservoir, was followed each year with stockings of additional sac-fry. Fingerling sized Hybrid Striped Bass were released into Pool 14 of the Mississippi River in 1984, and stocking continues each autumn.  Hybrid Striped Bass have subsequently been stocked into numerous constructed lakes, reservoirs and surface mines throughout Iowa. Abundance of the hybrid depends on the release of hatchery-propagated fish.

Knowledge about Hybrid Striped Bass in Iowa is limited since this is a new fish to the region and its life limits remain under investigation. Hybridization of the parent stock is successful only in the most controlled hatchery conditions. Natural hybridization of female Ocean Striped Bass and the White Bass or the reciprocal cross is almost impossible since the two species rarely are in the same water. In Iowa, Striped Bass are absent from our waters. Hybrid Bass are nearly always monogenetic, which makes secondary hybridization with either parent species almost impossible. Some mature female hybrids have been collected in the southern United States. Like White Bass, eggs of the hybrid are small compared with Striped Bass. Spawning activity of hybrids has been seen with White Bass in one southern location, but no natural reproduction was found.

Hybrid Striped Bass grow fast in Iowa, but like White Bass, they are fairly short-lived. Three years after the first stocking of sac-fry in Saylorville Reservoir, fish 20-inches long and 5-pounds were reported by anglers. 


Present in these Iowa water bodies:

Lake/Stream County Location Acres/Length
Red Rock Reservoir Marion 4 miles north of Knoxville 15250.00
Pool 16, Mississippi River Scott The amenities list are for Buffalo Shores campground in Buffalo, Iowa. Amenities at other locations in Pool 16 vary by location. 13000.00
Rathbun Reservoir Appanoose 8 miles northwest of Centerville 11000.00
Coralville Reservoir Johnson 4 miles north of Iowa City 5340.00
Saylorville Reservoir Polk North edge of Des Moines 4970.00
Lake Macbride Johnson 4 miles West of Solon 940.00
Three Mile Lake Union 3 miles northwest of Afton 880.00
Lake Manawa Pottawattamie Southwest edge of Council Bluffs 784.70
Lake Icaria Adams 4 miles north of Corning 648.00
North Twin Lake Calhoun 4 miles north of Rockwell City 453.00
Pleasant Creek Lake Linn 4 miles North of Palo 400.00
West Lake (Osceola) Clarke 2 miles west of Osceola 320.00
Lake Wapello Davis 7 miles west of Drakesville on the west side of V17 289.00
Roberts Creek Lake Marion 6 miles northeast of Knoxville 288.00
Badger Creek Lake Madison 5 miles southeast of Van Meter 276.00
Blue Heron Lake (Raccoon River Park) Polk southwest of West Des Moines; Raccoon River Park 232.00
Ada Hayden Heritage Park Lake Story North side of Ames, west of Grand Avenue/Highway 69. 137.00
Iowa River (Marshalltown to Coralville Lake) Iowa This stretch is located in Marshall, Tama, the SW corner of Benton, Iowa, and Johnson County. A popular access is at the Hwy 21 Access, which is part of the Iowa River Corridor Wildlife Area, just south of Belle Plaine. 104.00
Grays Lake Polk Fleur Drive, Des Moines 96.00
Sand Lake Marshall On the Northeast edge of Marshalltown 95.00
RAPP Park Lakes Page north edge of Shenandoah 95.00
Terry Trueblood Lake Johnson 1.5 miles south of Hwy 6 on Gilbert Street in Iowa City. 90.00
Prairie Park Fishery Linn 1.5 miles SSE of Cargill on Otis Road, along the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids 66.80
Des Moines River (Stratford to Saylorville Lake) Polk The Highway 30 Access is in the middle of this river section and is located 3 miles west of Boone on the north side of Highway 30. 57.00
Des Moines River (Saylorville to Red Rock) Marion A mid-section access point for this stretch of river is at the Pleasant Hill Boat Ramp. This ramp is located on SE Vandalia Drive immediately east of Highway 65. 50.00
Copper Creek Polk North side of University Ave. in Pleasant Hill along Four Mile Creek. 42.50
Chariton River (below Rathbun Lake) Appanoose This stretch runs from the outlet of Lake Rathbun to the state line. Ramps are located in Outlet Park below Lake Rathbun and Sharon Bluffs access. Amenities listed are for the ramp at Outlet Park. 31.00
Iowa River (Coralville Lake to River Junction) Johnson This stretch is located in Johnson County. A popular access is the Tailwater East Ramp located right below the Coralville Lake Dam, East of North Liberty and Coralville. 29.00
Ottumwa Park Pond East Wapello Inside Ottumwa city limits off Wapello Street 10.40
Ottumwa Park Pond North Wapello Inside Ottumwa city limits off Wapello Street 3.00
Fife's Grove Park Pond Ringgold 1 mile north of Mount Ayr 1.00