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How do fossils form?

How do fossils form?

  • 5/13/2021 11:47:00 AM
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A fossil’s creation can happen in many different ways, but all fossils come from things that lived in a past geological age. They can be as small as a single cell or as giant as a dinosaur skeleton or petrified tree. 
21 Outdoor Experiences Every Iowa Kid Needs to Try

21 Outdoor Experiences Every Iowa Kid Needs to Try

  • 7/1/2015 5:24:00 AM
  • View Count 29944
From something as simple as chasing fireflies or hiking a trail to bigger adventures like camping and skiing, there are lots of ways to get kids outdoors in Iowa. Use this as a checklist through the rest of the year to guide your outdoor explorations! Be sure, too, to help your kids make a connection between the activity and protecting Iowa’s natural resources. For example, explain how clean water helps the fish when you’re angling. Talk about habitat when chasing butterflies or frogs. Creating these connections ...