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Black Bass catch and release regulations on upper boundary of the Middle Raccoon River moved upstream

  • 2/21/2023 12:02:00 PM
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The Lenon Mills Dam has served as the upper boundary to the Black Bass, both smallmouth and largemouth bass, catch and release regulation in the Middle Raccoon River since it was established more than 35 years ago.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is moving the boundary 1.5 miles upstream to the Lake Panorama dam. This move will provide a more definitive boundary.

The catch and release regulation from Lake Panorama dam to the Redfield dam maximizes this unique smallmouth bass fishery in the Middle Raccoon River.  The boulder/rock/riffle habitat that supports this fishery starts at Lake Panorama dam and extends downstream to the dam at Redfield. This fish population creates high angling use in the area. 

Future repairs to the Lenon Mills dam will likely include fish passage, connecting the downstream smallmouth bass population with the population above the dam.

Signs notifying anglers of this change will be posted at access points along the river. The regulation boundary change is listed in the 2023 Iowa Fishing Regulations booklet.