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Treated, but not disinfected, wastewater being released in Eldora

  • 6/1/2022 6:44:00 AM
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ELDORA—A leak in a pipeline leaving the Eldora wastewater treatment plant caused treated wastewater to flow into the Iowa River recently.  

Officials at the wastewater plant needed to reroute the wastewater today (Tuesday) to bypass ultraviolet disinfection units, allowing soil around the damaged pipe to dry out so repairs can be made.

The treated, but not disinfected, wastewater discharge is expected to be ongoing for several days. The effluent may have elevated E. coli bacteria levels or contain other pathogens.

People should keep children and pets away from the river until 24 to 48 hours after repairs are made. Boaters and tubers should avoid contact with the river below the 14th Avenue bridge on the east side of town.

DNR will monitor the cleanup and consider appropriate enforcement action.

E. coli also naturally occurs in Iowa rivers. Swimmers and others who recreate in and around these waters should avoid ingesting the water, wash their hands before eating or drinking, and shower after exposure.