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Fishing regulations to be relaxed at Martens Lake in Sweet Marsh in Bremer County

  • 5/10/2022 2:03:00 PM
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TRIPOLI - The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will relax the fishing regulations at Martens Lake in Sweet Marsh Wildlife Management Area (WMA) beginning May 15 to allow anglers to more freely harvest fish as the lake is drained to prepare for a project that will repair the Martens’ Lake dike. 

Fisheries crews with the Iowa DNR have been removing some adult largemouth bass from the lake and are temporarily relocating them into Cell A of Sweet Marsh WMA. The water level will be lowered early summer and is scheduled to continue for about one year.

Anglers with a valid sport fishing license may harvest all sizes and unlimited quantities of any species of fish from Martens Lake by any means except by use of dynamite, poison, electroshocking devices, or any stupefying substances. Relaxed fishing regulations will apply only to Martens Lake in Sweet Marsh, and not to other areas of the WMA including, but not limited to, “The Reservoir,” “Cell A,” or “Plum Creek.”

Liberalized fishing regulations for Martens Lake will be in effect through June 15. It is illegal to sell fish or stock captured fish into public waters.

The restoration project on Martens Lake will also dredge deeper water channels to improve boating access and repair the Martens Lake water control outlet structure.

The DNR will restock the lake after restoration efforts are completed and the lake has refilled.