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DNR tracking fuel spill in Eldora

  • 1/28/2022 6:00:00 PM
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ELDORA—DNR and emergency response staff are tracking down a fuel release in Eldora. 

Agvantage Farm Supply notified DNR about 9 a.m. today, reporting the loss of about 7,500 gallons of unleaded gasoline from a self-fueling station in Eldora. 

A bank next door to the fueling station was evacuated for the day after reporting fumes in their building. 

Hardin County Emergency Management, DNR, city and company staff have been on site most of the day working to determine the extent of the release. There is currently no sign of the fuel migrating off-site. 

Contractors began removing concrete this afternoon. Once the cause and extent of the release is confirmed, emergency responders will determine next steps to contain and safely dispose of any free product.  

Any contaminated soil will be excavated and sent to the landfill in Hardin County. Emergency staff and contractors will continue work over the weekend.  

DNR will monitor the spill and cleanup activities, considering appropriate enforcement action.