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DNR checking manure runoff south of Bloomfield

  • 10/22/2021 4:02:00 PM
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BLOOMFIELD - Today the DNR checked a manure discharge about five miles south of Bloomfield in Davis County.

The owner of a sow operation, Woodford Creek Farms, reported a possible manure discharge Thursday afternoon following manure application.

When DNR checked the site today, the investigator found manure had flowed through underground tile lines, then over land until it reached a tributary of the South Wyaconda River.

There’s very little water in the tributary. DNR recommended discing the field to incorporate manure and pumping manure-laden water from the tributary to prevent it from reaching the river. Because of low flows, DNR investigators do not expect a fish kill. They took water samples for testing.

DNR will monitor cleanup and consider appropriate enforcement action.