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DNR conservation officer and park ranger help rescue stranded boaters at Big Creek

  • 6/16/2020 1:30:00 PM
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POLK CITY, Iowa – On Sunday, June 14, a DNR conservation officer and a DNR park ranger responded to a group of three stranded boaters at Big Creek. 

The three people were on a rental boat when one jumped in to swim and got stranded. Another one jumped in to help with a ring buoy. At the same time, the strong winds caused their boat to drift away, so the third individual fell into the water while trying to retrieve the anchor, but was not able to swim. None of the three was wearing life jackets. 

The three held onto the ring buoy and nearby anglers helped keep them afloat until a DNR conservation officer arrived and gave them life jackets and pulled them to safety in the boat. All three refused medical treatment at shore. 

The DNR reminds everyone to wear a life jacket while on the water and to be cognizant of the current weather conditions.