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DNR investigating death at Palisades-Kepler State Park

  • 5/24/2020 12:34:00 PM
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MOUNT VERNON, Iowa - On Friday, May 22, around 3:45pm, the DNR was notified of a person who had fallen on a trail at Palisades-Kepler State Park and had lacerations to his head.

Four hikers came upon Brian Jungen, 32, of Coralville, along Cedar Cliff Trail. Jungen was lying along the trail near a bench and was bleeding from lacerations on his head. The hikers were able to speak briefly with the victim before he blacked out.

The hikers called 911 and first responders from Mount Vernon and Lisbon, as well as Linn County Sheriff’s Office deputies and DNR park rangers responded to the scene.

When they arrived on scene, they were not able to detect a pulse from Jungen and began immediate medical attention. Jungen was pronounced dead at the scene.

DNR park rangers continue to investigate this incident.