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DNR investigating fish kill in Backbone State Park trout streams

  • 9/30/2019 11:48:00 AM
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DUNDEE – DNR staff investigated a fish kill in Backbone State Park Sept. 28 after trout anglers reported seeing dead fish in Richmond Springs and Fenchel Creek.

Staff from DNR parks, environmental services and fisheries investigated over the weekend, but did not identify a pollutant source. They found dead trout and non-game fish, but also saw numerous live fish in several sections of the streams.  

DNR will continue to look for the cause of the partial fish kill. Heavy rains Friday night may have washed contaminants into the streams. Prompt reporting by trout anglers meant investigators could quickly look for a pollutant source.

Early reporting of a fish kill or pollutants in a stream can help DNR trace and stop a fish kill. Notify DNR by calling the local field office or 515-725-8694 after hours.