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New form clarifies how to report ownership changes

  • 7/1/2019 2:09:00 PM
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Sometimes forms are the bane of our existence. But this new form should help confinement site producers and their consultants report ownership changes. Called “Manure Storage Indemnity & Filing Fee for Ownership Transfer,” DNR form 542-4026 can be found on the AFO forms page.

“By separating ownership changes into a dedicated form, we hope to make it easier to report changes and reduce some of the confusion over fees,” said Brian Jergenson from the Manchester field office.

Within 60 days of acquiring a new confinement site (totally roofed with more than 500 animal units), new owners should submit:

  • An original Manure Management Plan (DNR 542-4000),
  • The Manure Storage Indemnity & Filing Fee for Ownership Transfer form and
  • The appropriate fees.

Please call the local DNR field office with any questions.