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Air quality permits under review

  • 8/2/2018 12:11:00 PM
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DES MOINES – The DNR Air Quality Bureau has the following draft permits up for review. The permits help protect Iowans’ health and the air where we live. DNR’s permitting staff review the applications to ensure facilities comply with state and federal air quality standards. The public has the right and is encouraged to comment on draft permits. DNR considers public comments before finalizing the permits. Submit comments in writing to the assigned permit writer before 4:30 p.m. on the last day of the public comment period. 

Title V Operating Permits
Title V Operating permits are reviewed and re-issued every five years. Facilities with a Title V permit have the potential to emit large amounts of air pollutants compared to other facilities. The five-year reviews are a federal requirement and ensure adequate monitoring is included in the permit. The DNR plans to issue Title V Operating Permits for the following facilities. Find permit details at

Howard County
Donaldson Company, Inc. located at 111 Donaldson Ct., Cresco
The application was submitted to operate their existing Air Filter Manufacturing facility. The public comment period ends Sept. 1. 

Howard County
Industrial Energy Applications, Inc. located at 111 Donaldson Ct., Cresco
The application was submitted to operate their existing Electric Services facility. The public comment period ends Sept. 1. 

Dickinson County
Green Plains Superior LLC located at 1495 320th Avenue, Superior
The application was submitted to operate their existing Industrial Organic Chemicals/Ethanol Production facility. The public comment period ends Sept. 1.  


Construction Permits
DNR engineers review and issue construction permits to facilities before they build new or modified sources of air pollution. The public may review the following air quality construction permits available online at 

Scott County
Linwood Mining & Minerals Corporation, located at 401 East Front Street, Davenport

Project 18-017, Modification of existing air construction permits for East Barge Loadout (EP BL01), West Barge Loadout (EP BL02), Quarry 3P equipment and Pile 9 (EP Q-3P), Quarry 1 equipment and Pile 6 (EP Q-1), and issue new permits for Paved Haul Roads (EP HR-P), Unpaved Haul Roads (EP HR-U), Material Storage Piles (Pile 2, Pile 3, Pile 5, Pile 10, Pile 12, Pile 13, Pile 15, Pile 16, Pile 17, Pile 18) (EP Piles), Q11C Equipment & Pile 1 (EP Q11C), Quarry 2 Lower Plant Equipment and Pile 7 (EP Q-2LP), Quarry 2 Top Plant Equipment and Pile 4 (EP Q-2TP), Material Storage Piles 1 and 11 (EP Pile 1, 11), Material Storage Pile 8 (EP Pile 8), Material Storage Pile 14 (EP Pile 14), Material Storage Pile A (EP Pile A) to establish potential PM10 fugitive emission reductions by utilizing control measures and enforceable permit limits. Public comment period ends Aug. 31.