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Wastewater discharges in Wright County

  • 6/15/2018 10:44:00 AM
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GOLDFIELD - A leak in the city of Goldfield’s force main is apparently allowing wastewater to enter the Boone River.

Normally wastewater flows through the pipe to the city’s wastewater lagoons. City officials discovered bubbling in the river whenever the pump comes on, so they think the pipe is damaged beneath the Boone River.

Repairs to the line will be made once a contractor is hired and flow levels in the river allow access to the pipe. The DNR asks people to keep children and pets away from the riverbanks near the discharge until 24 hours after repairs are completed.

Heavy rains in central Iowa are causing many streams and rivers to run high. For safety reasons, the DNR encourages people to wait until river levels drop before recreating. Bacteria levels are also generally highest after a heavy rain.

DNR will continue to monitor the situation.