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Boil advisory issued in Calamus after pressure drop

  • 4/2/2018 5:02:00 PM
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CALAMUS - Water pressure dropped this afternoon in the Clinton County town of Calamus after a 4-inch water main broke on the south side of town.

The city noticed a leak about 2 p.m. April 2, and expects to complete repairs by about 3:30 p.m. The city and DNR recommend residents boil their water until water samples show the water is safe to drink. Pipeline breaks can allow bacteria to enter the water.

Residents are encouraged to bring all water used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth or preparing food to a boil, let it boil for one minute and let it cool before using. Or, use bottled water. Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water. Residents can use tap water for bathing and similar purposes.

The city will flush the system and increase chlorine after completing repairs. The city will lift the advisory after water samples indicate the water is safe to drink.

For more information, call the EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791 for general guidelines on ways to reduce risks of infection.