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4 Lures You Need for Crappie Fishing in Iowa

  • 4/22/2015 8:48:00 AM
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It’s that time of year that anglers across Iowa have been waiting for – crappies are biting. Crappies are one of the most frequently caught panfish. Add one of these lures suggested by our fisheries biologists to your tackle box and start planning your next spring fishing trip.

4 lures for crappie fishing | Iowa DNR

Tube jig
This small compact lure imitates a small minnow - one of the preferred foods of crappie. It has a very subtle presentation and does not need much action. Use when the crappie wants a subtle action.

Small hair jig
This lure is made of deer hair or more frequently now an imitation hair like flashabou. The hair under water collapses when the jig is pulled forward and expands when the line is slack so it has a pulsing appearance in the water.  Use when the fish are more active and feeding.

Small rooster tail

This lure has a small spinner that creates a lot of action and flash. It is useful when crappies are very active or when you are trying to locate fish and need to search larger areas.

Leadhead jig (1/32 oz.)
This lure imitates a small minnow when fished properly. Cast perpendicular to the shoreline with a slow and steady retrieve. If this doesn't seem to work, let the jig sink until it falls out of sight, then begin your retrieve.  

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