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Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Fall Fishing in Iowa

  • 10/10/2014 10:36:00 AM
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As we creep further into autumn, fish are going on a feeding frenzy to prepare for winter and next spring’s spawn. Fish get into predictable patterns, making them easier to locate. For anglers, that means some of the best fishing of the year –second only to spring – and a great chance at hooking a trophy fish.

Four tips for making the most of fall fishing  | Iowa DNR

Use these tips to make the most of fall fishing in Iowa:

1. Take your time.
Take a cue from the season and slow down. Use a slow presentation in cooler water.

2. Choose the right bait.
Live bait, especially minnows, is best for fall fishing.

3. Find the hot spots.
Fishing during warmer times of day when fish are more active and where water is warmer can improve success. In lakes, look for shallow water along the north shore. In rivers, look for areas where small creeks meet the river, or along outside bends of the river.

4. Enjoy the silence.
School is back in session and sports and activities are in full gear, so there’s less competition for the best fishing spots and campsites.

Make a weekend of it by bringing along the camper or tent, or reserve a cabin at a state park, and enjoy the serenity and beautiful fall colors.