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Fertilizer release in Sac County city of Odebolt

  • 4/21/2017 2:40:00 PM
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ODEBOLT – A tanker carrying ammonium thiosulfate, a liquid fertilizer, tipped over in Odebolt this morning.

Bound for a bulk plant in Boone, the Northland Transportation, Inc., tanker was carrying about 4,340 gallons of fertilizer.

It’s unknown how much of the product leaked from the top fill port before the leak was stopped and contained. Some of the fertilizer ran into a small tributary, through a culvert and flowed through town to Odebolt Creek.

DNR staff tested water quality at several places in the tributary and found elevated levels of ammonia, but did not detect ammonia downstream in the creek. There are no fish in the tributary and no dead fish have been found.

The company will pump up spilled fertilizer and water trapped behind the culvert.

The DNR will monitor the cleanup and consider appropriate enforcement action.