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Contact DNR Watershed Staff

If you're interested in learning more about improving water quality in your area, contact your Basin Coordinator:

Iowa DNR Basin Coordinator Map

Miranda Haes, Northeast Iowa Basin Coordinator
515-204-3485 or

Kyle Ament, Central Iowa Basin Coordinator
515-344-9678 or

Steve Konrady, Western Iowa Basin Coordinator
515-204-1456 or

Detailed Basin Map

For information on Watershed Management Authorities (WMAs) see the WMA Page.

Information on other Iowa watershed projects can be found with the IDALS Water Resources Bureau.

For questions about DNR watershed grant opportunities, contact our grants staff:

Grant Announcement and Application Email

Miranda Haes, DNR project officer
515-204-3485 or

Kyle Ament, DNR project officer
515-344-9678 or

Steve Konrady, DNR project officer
515-204-1456 or

Additional DNR Watershed Improvement Program staff:

Andy Asell, Geographic Information Systems Technician
515-250-3303 or

Jennifer Kurth, Technical Development and Biological Impairments
515-639-8464 or

Jason Palmer, Technical Development and Biological Impairments
515-336-2477 or

Josh Balk, Dry Run Creek (Black Hawk County) Watershed and Source Water Coordinator
319-325-8593 or

Ethan Thies, Black Hawk Lake (Sac County) Watershed and Source Water Coordinator
712-730-3018 or

Jerah Sheets, Supervisor
515-314-6328 or