NPDES Wastewater Forms

There are several types of forms that are required to be submitted to comply with the Iowa DNR's individual and general NPDES permits. The basic types of forms are listed below. Please follow the links for more information on and links to the forms.

Individual Permit Application Forms

For industrial, operation/land application, municipal - water treatment, municipal, and semipublic facilities. Also contains additional forms used in the individual permit application process (wasteload allocation form, treatment agreement form, variance request form).

Application forms for an NPDES permit for an Animal Feeding Operation are available on the AFO Forms page.

The individual permit application forms were updated in May 2019. The new forms have a different look than the old forms. In addition, minor changes in the required information have been made to the industrial forms. You may have received some of the old forms from the department; we will continue to accept these through June 30, 2020.

General Permit Forms, Notices of Intent (NOI), and Notices of Discontinuation (NOD)

  • General Permits 1, 2, and 3: Proceed to the Online Storm Water General Permit Application to apply online for authorization under either storm water General Permit #1 for Storm Water Discharge Associated with Industrial Activity, #2 for Storm Water Discharge Associated with Industrial Activity for Construction Activities, or #3 for Storm Water Discharge Associated with Industrial Activity from Asphalt Plants, Concrete Batch Plants, Rock Crushing Plants and Construction Sand and Gravel Facilities.
  • General Permit 4: NOI and NOD for General Permit #4, for Discharge from On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems
  • General Permit 5: NOI and NOD for General Permit #5, for Discharge from Mining and Processing Facilities
  • General Permit 6: Forms associated with General Permit #6, for Water Well Construction Related Wastewater
  • General Permit 7: Forms associated with General Permit #7, Pesticide General Permit
  • General Permits 8 and 9: To submit an NOI for General Permit #8 (Hydrostatic Testing, Ballasting, and Water Lines) or General Permit #9 (Dewatering and Residential Geothermal), please use the link to the General Permits 5, 8 & 9 Database on the NPDES Databases page.

NPDES Fee Invoices

Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Forms

Facility-specific electronic monitoring report forms for individual NPDES permits can be obtained from the Iowa DNR Regional Field Offices, as listed on the page linked above. DMR forms are also known as Monthly Operating Report forms, or MORs.

Other Wastewater Forms and Information

Questions Regarding NPDES Wastewater Forms

If you have questions on any of the above forms, please contact Courtney Cswercko at