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Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program (OpCert)

Elevated Storage

Operator Certification

NOTE: All drinking water and wastewater examinations are suspended statewide until further notice.

Laurie Sharp, Laurie.Sharp@dnr.iowa.gov
Phone: 515-725-0284, Fax: 515-725-8202
Wallace State Office Building, 502 E. 9th Street, Des Moines, IA 50319-0034

Qualified and well-trained Drinking Water and Wastewater operators play a vital role in drinking water quality. The WSO Section is responsible for certifying public water supply treatment and distribution operators and Wastewater and lagoon operators as prescribed by Chapter 81 of the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC). The purpose of the OpCert program is to insure that water and wastewater operators have sufficient knowledge and experience to properly operate the system, and in turn protect human health and safety and the environment.

Operator Certification Database and Training Calendar

This database is a resource for the following:

  • Individual Operator information: certifications held, continuing education tracking and employment information
  • On-line, electronic submission of exam and renewal applications
  • Affidavit Operator database
  • Operator mailing labels
  • Facilities in need of properly certified operators
  • Training calendar

External Review

Recognizing the need to protect the integrity of certification programs and to provide operator certification authorities with a definitive, peer-reviewed administrative standard and resource for program evaluation, the Association of Boards of Certification released Model Standards for the Administration of an Operator Certification Program. Certification authorities can use the industry-developed Model Standards as a review tool to improve the efficacy of programs and the operators they certify. This resource identifies best practices and provides a framework for aligning them to national and international standards. The State of Iowa was the first state certification program to use these standards for the purpose of Program Review.

Iowa External Review Process

External Review Assessment Report

Certification Process

Control Screen

Exam Preparation
Water Treatment
Water Distribution

Certification Renewal
Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Requirements
IDNR CEU Reporting Form (542-0570)
Eligible Courses for Renewal: CEU Course Guidance lists
IDNR CEU Policy and Issuing Agency information

Chemical Feed Pumps

Operator by Affidavit
Operator by affidavit form (542-3119)
Operator by affidavit form (542-3119)
Operation and Maintenance Plan (542-0862)
Operation and Maintenance Plan (542-0862)
List of Affidavit operators
Operator Certification Compliance Plan (542-3120)
Operator Certification Compliance Plan (542-3120)

Other Links
Renewal Fees and Frequency
Reciprocity Application Form (542-3117) Reciprocity Application Form (542-3117)