Spring 2021

Fishing Forecast
Hook some harmony with fishing—the escape elixir for pent-up people! With hundreds of serene lakes and tranquil ponds and 71,000 miles of mellow waterways—we’ve got you covered with peaceful places to refresh and wet a line.  
Story by Shannon Hafner

Blue Heron Feast
In a remarkable photo series, a great blue heron spears and downs a huge northern pike. See how lusting large lunches can sometimes be deadly. 
Story by Brian Button, Photos by Arl Fliris

The Blue Racer
This harmless, brilliant blue snake is not only the fastest of Iowa’s 28 snake species, but is among the largest, has the most diverse diet and among the best eyesight. This daylight-active snake can even hunt in tree canopies. 
Story by Dan Magneson, Photos by Ryan Rasmussen 

Down at the River
Reflecting on boyhood fishing decades ago, there is a saying “if magic exists on this planet, it is found in flowing water.” Maybe rivers exude unseen currents beyond those moving downstream—and the combination of those soothing sounds and effect of slower moving time is what pulls you here. 
Story by Dan Magneson

Turkey Hardware
I will always treasure the great hunts—the double-bearded toms and tag outs—but rarely are they once-in-a lifetime experiences. But hunting with your son for the first time, watching him find mushrooms and antler sheds along sun-soaked hillsides, or encountering newborn fawns in a thunderstorm are trophy memories that matter. 
Story and Photos by Eyad Yehyawi 

Outdoor Skills
Break pandemic doldrums with camping escapes and tips to refresh, enliven and re-experience the joys of spring’s renewal.

We’ve got a great list of new books to keep busy and get inspired—from tales and toils by a DNR conservation officer to flathead catfishing, wood ducks and The Guide to Iowa’s Preserves.

Lost in Iowa
Perhaps no state park exudes spring as does Red Haw with its lake that reflects thousand of redbud blossoms. Also, we spill the secret on a small, rustic riverside camp deep in trout and paddling country known for its big spring. 

Flora and Fauna
From a slimy orange, yeasty spring goo to a bird that sings 3,000 times a day, read on to explore these two unique species.

Notes from the Field

Walk along as an environmental professional recounts her days as a young, excited worker helping rid landfills of hazardous waste—including a barrel of the notorious contaminant, DDT.

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