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Current Watershed Improvement Grant Opportunities

09/03/2020 - A DNR administered sub-award for Comprehensive Water Quality Management Planning is now available for Watershed Management Authorities/Coalitions in Iowa that are properly registered with the Iowa Secretary of State via 28E agreement. The maximum single award available at this time is $100,000 and we anticipate that there will be up to two recipients this cycle. The expected term for the planning work shall be 18 months, beginning from the negotiated contract start date with a grant-limited deadline expected to be set around 06/30/2022.

The deadline for all applications will be November 6, 2020 (11/06/2020) unless further notified by the Issuing Officer (Steve Konrady).

To submit a formal application, please complete and follow submission instructions within this Application Packet

Application submissions and any questions can be directed to the Issuing Officer (Steve Konrady) at: Steven.Konrady@dnr.iowa.gov or 515-725-8388

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Planning for Water Quality
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