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Pre-construction Requirements for Permitted Operations

Confinement staffPermitted: Pre-construction requirements for all confinement feeding operations that use unformed manure storage and operations with 1,000 animal units or more that use formed manure storage.

A construction permit and manure management plan are required for new construction, modifications and expansions.

Owners must apply for a construction permit application at least 60 days prior to start of construction. Producers should allow an extra 18 days for mailing and for the county to file an appeal. If the county appeals the permit application, it could take as long as 120 days before construction can start. For permitting requirements, see the following:

1. Construction Design Statement -- for operations not required to submit a site-specific design sealed by a professional engineer or PE, Form 542-8068  OR

2. Professional Engineer Design Certification, Form 8122 - an option for operations with a site-specific design sealed by a professional engineer even though is not required OR

3. Three sets of sealed engineering plans, engineering report and technical specifications prepared by a professional engineer (when required)